AMAPeru Board

Walt Wood, AMAPeru President & Mary Lynne Wood, AMAPeru member 


Walt holds a bridge position between Team Peru and AMAPeru. He and Mary Lynne are the principal support raisers for Team Peru. They provide general oversight and mentoring of the AMAPeru team. Walt especially enjoys traveling in the campo (countryside) and visiting the Quechua Bible Institutes (QBI).


Mary Lynne uses her gifting as a resourcer, networker and communicator both in and out of Peru. She works with administration and is the communication bridge between the US and Peru ministry. Mary Lynne also founded and facilitates an e-mail resource network for English-speaking missionaries working in Peru.





Eber Mendoza, AMAPeru Treasurer  


Eber first became acquainted with the Peru ministry in 2001 when he started volunteering on the ISOM translation project. He graduated from the University of Huamanga in 2007 with a degree in Communication Sciences. In 2008 he started working part-time in the ISOM office and in 2010 came on staff full-time. He is one of the founders of AMAPeru and is AMAPeru’s administrator and office manager. He enjoys projects that are related to his degree which include, but are not limited to, the English, Quechua or Spanish development of newsletters, brochures, radio spots, videos and the Team Peru web and Facebook pages. In his spare time he is learning English.


In the past he has worked for an Ayacucho newspaper as a graphic designer. In partnership with his brothers and brother-in-law, Eber has recently started an advertising agency called “Interactive” where they produce audiovisual materials in Spanish and Quechua. He married the love of his life, Jhudith, in November 2016.


His hobbies include biking, cooking, Mac computers, design, singing and playing Peruvian instruments (guitar, Charango, and various flutes).



Eberzon Espinoza, AMAPeru Secretary  


Eberzon grew up in a small village in the Department of Huancavelica.  He married his wife Roxana in 2009 and they have two daughters, Sarai and Damaris.


God called him into the ministry in 1999 and in 2013 he graduated from the Evangelical Seminary of the Andes (SELA) located in Ayacucho.


In 2011 he started working part-time with the AMAPeru ministry as a QBI promoter. In 2012 Eberzon came on staff full-time as the QBI Field Director and supervisor of all the Bible institutes. He travels to the villages where he uses his passion for ministering to pastors and families, especially in the area of strengthening marriages.


Eberzon was elected president of his Presbyterian synod for 2017-18. In this capacity he is overseeing the training and encouragement of around 44 churches.



Ingrid Burger, AMAPeru member 


Ingrid’s mother was Icelandic and her father Scots/Welsh. She lived in England, Germany and Scotland. She was widowed in 1997 and in 1999 felt the Lord putting it in her heart and mind to visit the Quechua people of Peru. Ingrid made her first trip to the Ayacucho region in 2001, which is when she met Walt and Mary Lynne. After that trip, she returned to Scotland and founded a small non-profit organization, which until 2011, helped with small projects in some of the villages around Ayacucho.


After a number of short trips to Ayacucho, Ingrid moved there in 2005. Although her plans were to only stay for a few years, she married Rafael in 2008 and has now made her life there. Over the years she has closely followed the development of the AMAPeru ministry. She completed the first three semesters of the Spanish ISOM course in 2006, earning a certificate.


Ingrid’s academic background is in nutrition and public health and she completed a year at a Bible college in Scotland in 2003-4. She has six children and six grandchildren living in Scotland and England.