During a vacation in Peru in 1998, God touched the hearts of Walt and Mary Lynne Wood for the Quechua people and led them to leave jobs, ministry and their home in Anchorage Alaska to follow this call. After language school in Bolivia, they returned to Peru in May 2000 to equip and strengthen the Quechua Church in the Peruvian Andes by providing Christian education and training in their heart language.


In 2001 a Quechua team began translating the International School of Ministry (ISOM) Bible Institute (www.isom.org) into the dialect of Ayacucho Quechua, which has 1.2 million speakers. When we started, this Bible institute existed in over 40 languages. Now six and a half years later the 160 class, five-semester DVD program, including workbooks, was finished and joined with over 70 translation of the ISOM in providing solid Bible education. This audiovisual resource is perfect for the campo (countryside) churches that rely heavily on oral learning. We call the translated ISOM program, the Quechua Bible Institute (QBI). Over the years almost 50 schools have been started with over 600 paid students studying some portion of the program. As of February 2017 there have been seven Spanish graduations and 23 Quechua graduations with a total of 297graduates. 65 Students in 6 churches are currently studying in the QBI. Weekly, pastors from out of town come to visit the AMAPeru office after hearing about the QBI through word of mouth and radio spots. They want to know how they can start a QBI in their church. We are encouraged to hear of changed lives, increased faith and strengthened churches.


Along with the QBI, we have a number of other powerful training materials that we have translated into Quechua. These include ISOM’s Woman of the World (WOW) first semester and Adrian Roger’s “What Every Pastor Should Know” (Michiqkunapaq) teaching series.